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Diamond Discs and Abrasives for the Potter (sales) 



The double sided electroplated steel diamond grinding discs attache to a potters wheel like a bat. Both sides of the thin discs have a diamond grinding surface, one medium/coarse (120 grit), and the other fine (400 grit). The steel cores are ground flat and true prior to electroplating. Just flip the disc over to change grits. Each side is separately replaceable It works like a slower speed lapping disc or lap grinder and can also be used to smooth gemstones and glass and sharpen tools. No assembly, it is ready to use. There are two sizes, 12” and 14”.

The soft, flexible diamond saturated nylon/polyester pad polishes finished high fired ceramic surfaces to a high gloss. The diamonds are throughout the pad, and both sides can be used. Any burrs or rough edges must be removed prior to polishing. Attaches magnetically it to a potters wheel on to the steel disc or to a potters wheel with a hook and loop bat (sold separately).  Surfaces of low-fired or bisque ceramics can be slowly ground down with the pads to create an extremely smooth surface.

 This video shows how to use the two sided grinding discs and the fine and ultra-fine polishing pads with the water drip kit.


If you just use the system once in a while, the squeeze bottle will work fine.