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Kim on Feb 27, 2021 “This item has paid for itself! l had several items where the glaze ran bad. I was able to grind down the glaze to a smooth bottom and the items are now sellable! Easy to use. A great investment.”

Jenny on Jan 5, 2021 “Processing time and Shipping was faster than expected. Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed for my crystal business.”

Lori and Berkeley on Dec 26, 2020 “This thing is amazing and I love that it’s double-sided. I tried it with a few pots tonight and ground off a glaze drip, leveled some bottoms with 120 grit and finished them off with the 400, smooth as a baby’s bottom! It was simple and convenient to use. When I was deciding which to buy, Ray was very helpful in answering my questions. Since it was made by a potter for potters, you won’t be disappointed. I had looked at others from Diamond Core & Chinese Clay Art, but then found this one. I feel like I got the best value for the $$ and fit my needs perfectly. It is heavy & well made and it will last for as long as I’m able to throw pots.” Also, it came in 2 days from CA to VA by Priority Mail. I got it in time for Christmas!

Jennifer on Mar 4, 2021 “Easy to work with - I am in Europe. Delivered complete, looks sturdy and in good condition. Recommended!”

Nancy on Feb 6, 2021 “Wonderful tool. Have used already to rescue two mugs that were severely stuck to cookies. Hatred to toss them bc glaze was so beautiful. This tool did the trick quickly and easily! Highly recommend! People at my studio are jealous of the magnetic bat!”

nomdenette on Dec 8, 2020 “Amazing! Delighted with this! What a timesaver and in some cases, a bowl-saver!”

Tamaraon Nov 3, 2020 “Great product & fast shipping!”

Jim on Oct 20, 2020 “BUY THIS! I've been a potter for over 45 years and shy away from new tools. Most are just the same old toys revisited...but every so often I run into a game changer. This diamond disc is definitely a game changer. Within minutes of opening the box I used it on the bottom of a piece I was sure to sell as a second. After the grind, the value was fully restored. This disc paid for itself within the first hour of it's arrival...seriously! Fast shipping. Great communication. Very easy to use. Valuable tool.”

Jeff on Jul 27, 2020 “Great product and fast service”.

Glenn July 202020 “Great product! Great customer service! We bought the complete kit. It looks like good bang for your dollar.”

Ashlyn on Feb 15, 2020 “Highly recommend! Grinds down glaze drips in just a few seconds.”

Pam on Dec 24, 2019 “I am quite pleased with this purchase. It easily grinds imperfections and glaze drips. I like how it already came mounted on a bat and that it is two-sided which means less stuff to store and look for.”

Ighale December 15, 2019 “Shipment was faster than projected and packaged well. Used it on glaze drops and was amazed at results. Didn’t expect to save that pot but the grinder did it!”

Phoenix Rising Ceramics on Jul 24, 2019 “I was SHOCKED how eeeeeeasily it was to level high-fired porcelain bottoms! zip zip DONE! INVALUABLE!!!!!”

skendem on Jun 6, 2019 “So worth the money! It's a game-changer in my pottery studio.”

yvonne on Jul 25, 2018 “Getting beautiful results with this system.”

Brenna on Jun 3, 2018

5 out of 5 stars “I've had this thing for about a month, and I'm pretty sure it's already paid for itself in saved time. Plus, the bases of my crystalline pieces look clean and professional every time. Can't recommend this product enough, especially if you spend a lot of time grinding your work.”

P Claryon Mar 13, 2018 “This disc works so well. I was able to save about 8 pieces of pottery that had a wobble to them as a result of warping. The disc arrived in about 2 days.”

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