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Diamond Abrasive Disc Information 


  • First, clean the surface of the potter's wheel thoroughly. Small pieces of any debris on the wheel head or the disc can cause an up and down wobble, and that will be transferred to to what you are grinding.

  • Attach firmly the included special bat pins to the wheel head. Regular bad pins will not work because they will stick up above the surface of the diamond disc.  The two holes on the disc will not interfere with the grinding operation.  If you are grinding a sharp ragged edge at an angle, avoid the holes, and use the interior part of the disc until the sharp edge is smoothed off. This takes just a few seconds.

  • Place the diamond grinding disc onto the attached pins, just like you would a throwing bat. It has a coarse/medium side (120 grit) and a fine side (400 grit).

  • Use water with the disc. This can be as simple as a hand held squeeze bottle, or I also offer a water drip kit on this site.

  • The diamond particles are much harder than any ceramic, and since you are using all portions of the wheel due to its precision. It should never completely wear out. They do, however, over time become “dull” because tiny pieces chip off and leave a less sharp cutting edge. This can be remedied some by reversing the direction of the potters wheel for an hour or two of use from time to time, thereby using a different edge on the diamond particles.

The photograph at the bottom of this page shows a large chip in the bottom of a vase before and after it was ground away.


  • The  pads are for polishing finished ceramics.  They do not remove material per say, like the grinding discs.  Surfaces of low-fired or bisque ceramics CAN be slowly ground down with the pads to create an extremely smooth surface.
  • Before polishing, remove any burrs, or rough edges from what you are polishing.  The smoother the surface is at the start, the higher the polish will be.  Rough edges can damage the pad.
  • Use the pads with water, either by hand, or with a continuous water drip.
  • It is best to use the hook and loop discs, either magnetic backed, or bat to attach the pads to your wheel.  Press the pad firmly to the hook and loop disc before using it.  You can easily  switch grits, and replace pads as needed .
  • Diamond particles are saturated throughout the 1/2 inch thick pad.  Alternate which side you use, and reverse direction of rotation to increase the life span. 










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